Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again!  Looking for some last minute gift ideas?  We’ve got you covered.  My Brands has lots of great gifts that are sure to please family and friends.  We’ve crafted a list of four types of gift recipients, check it out to see if anyone on your list matches ours!

The Cook:
When it comes to creating the perfect meal, “The Cook” knows best.  That’s why giving him or her a fabulous culinary gift is a great idea!  My Brands has a wide variety of cooking gifts, including premium gourmet products, well known brands, regional specialties and just about everything in between! 
Every great chef needs their own signature barbecue sauce.  Why not give them a little help?  A few of our favorite barbecue brands are Two Fat Guys, Open Pit, and Road Kill.
A truly unique cooking gift is a bottle of Wright’s Liquid Smoke.  Known by many as their “secret weapon”, Wright’s Liquid Smoke has plenty of creative uses.  It can be mixed into ground meat for hamburgers, added to marinades and sauces, basted on meats and is perfect for grilling.

The Fan:
Do the following words apply to “The Fan” in your life; fanatic, obsessed, and crazy?  Then My Brands has some great ideas for you! 
Prepare your fan for the big game with one our Game Day Boxes. Each box features corresponding college Duck tape, college candy by Kencraft, and tailgating food and gear.  You choose the 6 items you want to include in the box. We currently have 14 college team boxes and are adding to the list every day.  Don’t forget to select a gift box!
Looking for just college team themed items?  Look no further than College Duck tape or college candy by Kencraft. With over 70 colleges represented (and growing!) you are sure to find your Fan’s favorite team.

The Sweet Tooth:
Satisfy “The Sweet Tooth’s” cravings with something from our wide selection of candy and chocolates. 
If you’re looking for a chocolate gift, Ritter Sport chocolates are a premium treat imported from Germany.  With combinations such as Dark Chocolate with Marzipan and MilkChocolate with Hazelnuts, you can’t go wrong! 
Chupa Chups are fun, vibrant lollipops that are a favorite around the world!  They come in interesting flavors such as Mango Yogurt and Chocovanilla.
Laffy Taffy is a well-known candy that comes in tubs of various fruit flavors.  If your “Sweet Tooth” has a best-loved flavor, buy him a tub of his favorite!  Banana seems to be one of the most popular.

The Health Nut:
Help “The Health Nut” in your life stay on track with some of our healthy product options. 
Better’n Peanut Butter is a delicious, all natural, low fat peanut butter spread that is a dieters dream!  It comes in 6 awesome flavors that are sure to cause cravings!
Adora Calcium Premium Chocolate will change the way you think about calcium supplements.  Made from all-natural, premium chocolate, they come in milk or dark chocolate.
My Brands has a wide selection of sugar-free candy.  One of our favorites is Crystal Light SugarFree Hard Candy Fruit Assortment.

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