Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oh Canada, We Proudly Announce New Lower Price Shipping Up North

My Brands is happy to offer shipments to Canada via International Priority Mail through the US Postal Service and Canada Post. This service, available now, will only be accessible for phone orders at this time, but will be added for online orders in the future. Consumers will find this option allows door to door tracking and much more competitive rates.

Many of our Canadian consumers may recall our change in shipping policies earlier this year. Due to a change in international shipping regulations we had added MyUS.com, and international freight forwarder, as our provider for all shipments out of country. Due to our location in Rochester, NY, we understood the additional cost in money and time being put on our Canadian customers by processing shipments through the MyUS.com port in Miami, FL. While MyUS.com is a viable option for international shipments, and will continue to be available, we knew we could find something better for our friends to the north. Our research with partners in the US Postal Service led to this new level of international shipping through My Brands. This will reduce the processing and handling time to bring your favorite brands across the Canadian border to your door with greater freshness and less expense.

To place an order to ship to Canada, please call 1.888.281.6400 and one of our customer service reps will be happy to assist.

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  1. YIPPEEE!!! I have actually JUST found your site and was sure I was going to be disappointed as main stream sites charge SO much to ship their great products UP HERE!
    I am excited and look forward to placing my first order!
    Glad that I always look for a websites "blog" FIRST! I find it introduces the personality of the company or some of its people ;D Thank you again!!! YAAAAYYY!!!